couple embracing on a beach in Wildwood NJ

Wildwood NJ e-session|Alanna & Andrew

It was an honor to capture the celebration Alanna and Andrew at the beautiful beach in Wildwood NJ.

Here is a snippet of their story:

Andrew and Alanna were both Chemical Engineering majors at Villanova University. They had a few classes together, but started getting to know each other when they were in the same lab group their junior year. What started as lab partner transition to friends and then became more.

Before they started dating, Alanna would text Andrew and distract him when they were supposed to be studying for their exams. She started inviting him to parties and bars, and had such a great time together. As they became better friends, it made working on
homework, projects and studying more enjoyable. Andrew tried to ask her on a date for Mexican food near campus, but she was nervous and invited a few of their other friends to join them.

The summer before senior year, they finally started dating after he invited her to Wildwood, NJ for a weekend in June that led them being together for a little over 5 years at this point.

We're excited to document their wedding next year at the Arts Ballroom in Philly!!

Sharing our favorite moments at Wildwood NJ down below:

wildwood nj


wildwood nj

Wildwood NJ e-session

wildwood nj



wildwood nj


wildwood nj




wildwood nj

wildwood nj


wildwood nj


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