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The Estates mansion and grounds are elegant and picturesque but keep in mind that the adjacent property around Bryn Athyn Cathedral and the Glencairn Museum are not part of Cairnwood Estate. The Glencairn grounds are available for a fee of $350 for up to two hours of photography time and I would definitely recommend working the fee into your budget if possible. The collection of images that can be created when combing the Glencairn and Cairnwood grounds is spectacular! Bryn Athyn is only available for photos if your ceremony was held in the cathedral.

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1005 Cathedral Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006


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Locations near Cairnwood Estate for photos

No need to go anywhere…the venue grounds are gorgeous!

Wedding Stories

Cairnwood Estate Wedding – Maria and Sean

I've learned to never pay attention to a weather forecast until the day before a wedding. We've all gotten burned enough times by the weather people, haven't we? You know how it goes, they'll claim that the storm of the century is approaching and then it turns out to be a wonderful day! Well, to be fair, they are correct ...

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