Philly Engagement|Deanna and Bobby

This is Deanna and Bobby and historic Old City was the location for their Philly engagement session. I have an extra bit of affection for this couple for several reasons but mostly because they remind me of me and my wife. Just like them, we met at a very early age and I can see how many years from now they'll be enjoying a family and the hundreds of beautiful moments that a long relationship brings.

Looking forward to their Crystal Tea Room wedding in 2020!!

philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-3
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-4
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-5
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-2
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-6
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-7
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-1
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-11
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-8
philly engagement session-deanna+bobby-9

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