couple admiring each other during a sunset

Philly Art Museum Eshoot|Mallory and Jeff

Mallory and Jeff didn't feel the need to go far for their engagement session and decided on the Philly Art Museum and Waterworks as their backdrop. It's one of the best areas in the city with it's close proximity to restaurants, the river, Boathouse Row and of course, the Art Museum!

couple kissing in public park
couple embracing in nature
couple watching sunset

Philly Art Museum eshoot

The Waterworks boarders the Art Museum and makes for a really nice combination for a Philly Art Museum eshoot. There's a lot of variety all within walking distance, especially when you live as close as Mallory and Jeff!

couple kissing behind bushes
couple piggyback ride
couple kissing in nature
enagagement shoot, couple embracing each other on a bridge

Once the sun started to set, we went over to Mallory and Jeff's apartment building. The roof of the buildings parking garage sits just high enough for a tremendous view of Center City. Not a bad backdrop to finish the session!!

City skyline at dusk
couple dancing on rooftop at night
couple embracing on rooftop at night
couple dancing on rooftop at night

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