high school sweethearts at john heinz wildlife refuge

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge e-session|Siani & Richard

High school sweethearts turned life-long soulmates! Siani and Richard have been together for over eight years now. They met in high school as she was a junior, and he was a freshman. They started to hang out over a break that lead to video chatting through the rest of the school year. The following year, they officially started dating!

Siani and Richard have been together long enough to know each other’s habits along with the continual growth of each other. Through any rough patches, they continue to push forward, helping each other hand in hand! 

siani & Richard holding hands at john heinz wildlife refuge

siani and richard staring at each other

john heinz wildlife refuge engagement shoot

For the proposal, Richard wanted it to be at Clark Park, originally. That was where they had their first date. It jumped started their friendship together because every day after high school, Richard would ride the trolley to that park with Siani and spend hours sitting on a bench and just talking.

However, Richard was able to make the proposal moment feel like pure bliss! Siani did not expect the proposal. She called Richard stupid and kept saying, “really?” haha!

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

siani and richard walking on the bridge




engagement shoot at john heinz wildlife refuge

At John Heinz Wildlife Refuge, we captured Siani and Richard's wonderful moments, documenting their engagement for future family generations to see! We asked Richard what he thinks makes a good couple. He says, "There were downtimes, like any other couple, where we had to help each other and push forward. We never left each other behind. We do everything with the other's best interest in mind."






high school sweethearts at john heinz wildlife refuge

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