Christina and Chris

We traveled to picturesque Lewes Delaware last week for our engagement shoot with Christina and Chris and had a lot of fun and laughs while doing it! It was my first time in Lewes and now I see what the attraction is about this historic town where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet. It's a walking town with lots of shops, restaurants and museums and has a really great vibe. We were lucky to have a pier and beach very close to Christina's families beach home and went there first for some photos. We had some beautiful light for a little while but storm clouds starting moving in and killed our lovely sunlight. Fortunately, technology is on our side and we simply set up a couple of lights and made our own sun! The clouds gave the sky a deep blue hue and really helped set a mood for our sunset shots even though we didn't have a sunset!
We then took a drive into town and walked around historic Lewes. It was dark at that point but with off camera lighting we were able to capture a bunch of fun images while we strolled around. We had such a great time with Christina and Chris! This is a couple that loves being together and I can't wait until their wedding at the Ben in Philly next June!!

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