My clients tend to want a combination of a Glamour session and Boudoir session.
Glamour shares many of the characteristics of boudoir photography. While all boudoir is a form of glamour, all glamour isn’t boudoir. This means you can shoot glamour without using a lingerie wardrobe. Glamour clothing covers the gamut from clothed to lingerie and can also take place outside of a bedroom.


To me, boudoir is similar to glamour but is often about showcasing fantasy that is often steeped very much in reality, as these images are very often gifts for significant others. For a brief moment in time, a boudoir client is a glamour model, in front of the camera, creating fantasy.
Boudoir also celebrates beauty, but in a more obvious sensual way. Boudoir photography subjects are often wearing lingerie. And, as the name suggests, it takes place in a bedroom or other private location.

Bridal Boudoir

Many brides-to-be are in the best shape of their lives just before their wedding days, so doing a bridal boudoir shoot is the best way to document just how great they look. Your boudoir photo shoot is your chance to feel sexy in a private, intimate setting that is just as much an exciting experience for yourself as it is for the recipient!

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