Beautiful summer wedding at Tendenza|Gabriella + Nick

Gabriella and Nick's beautiful summer wedding at Cescaphe's Tendenza was everything I knew it would be! From the moment we got together for their engagement session you could see how this couple was all about truly celebrating what they have in each other. We had such a great time that night and I was really looking forward to spending their wedding day with them. It definitely did not disappoint!

Here  are some of my favorites from their wedding day:

Getting Ready

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-5

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-2

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-9

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-8

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-12

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-15

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-6

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-7

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-13

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-16

Getting ready took place at the Hilton Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. The hotel's proximity to the Old City neighborhood made it a perfect location for us to easily get to our shooting locations and the venue.

Bride and Groom

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-20

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-22

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-27

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-19

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-24

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-21

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-30

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-28

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-26

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-33

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-34

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-35

Wedding Ceremony

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-42

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-46

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-47

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-45

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-48

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-49

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-50

The ceremony took place at historic Old Saint Joseph's Church. It was the first Roman Catholic church in the city, founded in 1733. I love taking a look around these old church's and thinking about the people who attended mass or had their wedding there hundreds of years ago...pretty cool!

Wedding Reception

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-52

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-55

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-53

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-54

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-58

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-59

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding_76

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-60

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding_77

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-64

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding_78

Gabriella+Nick-Tendenza Wedding-67

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