Batsto Village E-session|Marissa & Zach

During sunset at Batsto Village, we captured Marissa and Zach’s beautiful moments, documenting their engagement for future family generations. Zach and Marissa both shared similar qualities. They are both kind, gentle-hearted, hard workers, and care deeply about each other. They listen, compromise, make each other laugh, and above all else, they love and understand that a relationship takes two to make it work. As they go through life, they have learned that there will be better times than others, but always know that it is about the journey that matters most and continuously enjoys their journey together.




Batsto Village e-session



It all started when two families shared an island together for a vacation. When Marissa visit Ocracoke for the first time, Zach was already living on the island. He was 21, and she was 17. It wasn’t until Marissa finally met Zach that she thought to herself, “wow, he is really cute.” However, nothing helped until the next family vacation. One day on the beach, Zach decided to walk over and asked Marissa for her number and invited her to karaoke at the local pub that night. Ocracoke has now become a place that both Zach and Marissa cherish the most. This was a place that was the start of forever.


Zach has scouted a new location before asking Marissa to marry him. He spends days finding the perfect place that just felt right. On the day of the proposal, they went to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset. As Marissa went to capture the views, she felt Zach grab her arm. As she turned around, he was down on one knee and asking her to marry him.







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