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Avalon NJ E-Session | Tiffany & Kyle

On Memorial Day weekend years and years ago, Tiffany's and Kyle's paths finally crossed in the Whitebrier bar in Avalon, NJ. They soon realized that they attended the same university for a year. After a short conversation, phone numbers were exchanged.

Like every girl, Tiffany searched Kyle on Facebook and decided he looked "dorky" and didn't give him a chance. But yet, that did not stop Kyle. Every weekend for a month, he would text her in hopes of a response. Even when they ran into each other, she would decline every drink he offered. It wasn't until later that summer when Kyle walked by Tiffany with two other girls, not acknowledging her, that it spark a fire for Tiffany. She called him out the next day at Happy Hour. Since then, the rest is history, and these two have been together for five years!

Tiff & Kyle Engagement shoot on beach

Tiff & kyle kissing on the beach avalon nj e-session

tiff & kyle sitting on the beach avalon nj e-session

Avalon NJ E-Session

kyle picking up tiff on the beach avalon nj e-session

As a storm was approaching, Tiffany was freaking out and trying to leave. In an attempt to keep Tiffany there, all of their friends were trying to stall time by saying things like, "let's stay and make memories." Little did she know that a photographer was on the way to document a special moment in her life. As Kyle got down on one knee on Sea Isle City beach, he asked Tiffany to spend the rest of their lives together.

With tears of joy, Tiffany said yes! They celebrated with friends and families at the same bar they met many years ago!

kyle staring on the beach

tiff & kyle underthe pier on the beach

tiff on the beach engagement shoot

tiff & kyle walking on the beach

tiff & kyle walking on the beach at sunset

tiff & kyle staring at each other on the beach at night

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