About Me

Photography is my passion. It’s what I can’t imagine not doing. I invest my time and energy into this art form and wouldn’t have it any other way. I love life and laughter, learning new things, meeting new people, and seeking new experiences. I work hard to capture the true personality and spirit of all the couples I work with.

I believe that to look as glamorous as you feel on your wedding day, you need to be as comfortable with your photographer as someone you’ve known all your life. The following will help you get to know me a little better!


Ralph Deal, Photographer

Lives In

Southern New Jersey

Along With

Two Crazy Children (there was three but one has flown the coup)

And an

Amazing wife and travel partner (the same person, not two different people)

10 Things I Like and find inspirational

1. I don’t like photography….I LOVE Photography!!
2. There are few things more inspirational than traveling to foreign places.
3. I’m inspired by people who like what they do, take it seriously and do it well.
4. Coffee and wine (Not necessarily in that order)
5. The feeling a confident subject gives me
6. Eating food in its country of origin
7. Gratitude and people that show it
8. A great piece of music and thinking about what the composer felt when he/she wrote it.
9. Making memories with my family
10. People who march to the beat of their own drum


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